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ObeY (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#861 resinstaller 'cout'-text should have translations too core multiplayer enhancement 04/04/2014

Toranaga (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#502 No message, when own infiltrator gets detected core 0.2.9 defect 01/31/2012

alzi (29 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#330 server confused by client join/part in multiplayer lobby core 0.2.9 defect 10/24/2009
#481 crash when exiting game core multiplayer defect 01/22/2012
#787 separate game_ev-msg from chat-msg core 0.3.x defect 07/16/2013
#337 mouse cursor updates missing core 0.2.9 defect 10/25/2009
#474 mouse button release events are lost core multiplayer defect 12/31/2011
#478 P-Button does not work after loading a game core multiplayer defect 01/22/2012
#509 Server reconnet fails often net 0.2.9 defect 02/11/2012
#615 something is strage when receiving a message while clinet is in menu core multiplayer defect 06/29/2012
#670 multiplayermenu ⇒ chat window core multiplayer enhancement 02/02/2013
#423 dark area on screen after changing the resolution - dunkle Fläche nach Änderung der Bildschirmauflösung im Spiel core multiplayer defect 04/10/2010
#470 Players can't connect succesfully when host is in submenu init multiplayer defect 12/27/2011
#620 prices in gold refinery core multiplayer defect 07/01/2012
#643 Client CPU load too high after connection to server gets lost core multiplayer defect 08/23/2012
#664 Maximizing game-window sometimes freezes gameclient core multiplayer defect 01/08/2013
#712 When the deadline is changed, a running counter on the clients is not updated core multiplayer defect 05/31/2013
#767 some sounds are not played, because an other sound is played core multiplayer defect 07/09/2013
#800 client connection can crash the host core 0.2.9 defect 07/29/2013
#828 Resolution problem with multimonitors core multiplayer defect 02/06/2014
#747 unit image - still rotating after deselect unit (with right-click) core 0.2.9 enhancement 06/25/2013
#807 strange number in the deadline-counter-box during turn-end core 0.2.9 enhancement 07/31/2013
#471 Red status when unit gets destroyed and so on core 0.2.9 not original 12/27/2011
#570 "+" / "-" zoom buttons do nothing core not original 04/17/2012
#572 build menu : missing up/down/enter/esc hotkeys core not original 04/17/2012
#621 some other labels in gold refinery (not original) core multiplayer not original 07/01/2012
#652 research center slider (2) core multiplayer not original 09/07/2012
#149 Mouse scroll support on the contruction list core 0.2.9 task 04/24/2009
#544 Cursor-problem core multiplayer defect 03/11/2012
#617 double click sound, on prev/next buttons core multiplayer defect 06/29/2012
#736 unit sound is not stopped, when a game is exited core multiplayer defect 06/19/2013

beko (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#464 Automatic Crashreport Upload website defect 12/04/2011
#713 Download of own (saved) maps website defect 05/31/2013
#282 write mapeditor to maxr website 0.3.0 enhancement 09/15/2009
#852 resinstaller as svn download missing core multiplayer enhancement 03/26/2014
#519 Use mail adress from bbs for the tracker website enhancement 02/15/2012
#862 write xml parser for lang files to check for outdated versions data multiplayer enhancement 05/20/2014
#714 Naming of own maps website task 05/31/2013
#716 Add/draw own tiles in tileset website task 05/31/2013
#587 SVN 2967 exe ohne Icon core multiplayer defect 05/28/2012
#715 Select own mapsize website enhancement 05/31/2013
#439 implement new viscacha icon theme website task 12/04/2010

eiko (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#538 autofire bug core 0.2.9 defect 03/10/2012
#157 Original Infiltrator "deactivation sound" missing core multiplayer not original 04/24/2009
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